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BUSI 1321 Spring – 2015
College of Continuing Education Guidelines for Assignment # 2
Due on : April 20, 2015
Learning Outcomes: * To teach the students to make a company profile and the type of information that should be included such as the name of the company, location, description and other details. * To help the student understand that how each and every bit of information provided in the company’s profile helps create a story around the company and engages the customer. * To inspire the customers through the Company’s profile.
1. You can choose a Saudi company/ business and write a company profile. 2. Please use the template on the next page for your report 3. You can add pictures or graphs where necessary 4. The template for the first page of your company profile is given on page 3 5. Use Calibri or Times New Roman with font size 12/ 14 6. Turn in a hard copy of your report to the instructor on the date specified, in class. You can print on both sides of an A4 size pages 7. Make sure you include your references on the last slide. Give references where needed. 8. Make sure that you put your name, your ID, and section number on the first page of the report.

Assessment: This assignment is worth 15% .
Title of the company ( Logo of the company) I- Business Information * Business Name: * Business Address: * Email: * Tel: II- General Business Activities: * You can briefly mention all or some of the activities * You can also include the different branches/ offices * The different kinds of services/products they sell etc. III- A brief History: * Why, how, when and where the company started and by whom( who are the founding fathers) * You can add the company’s structure IV- Company strategy:…...

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