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Our nation has faced an immeasurable amount of change over the years. There is an ongoing debate among the American people on whether the nation has made forward or declining process in areas such as healthcare, unemployment, and national security. There is a long and arduous road ahead of us, but by prioritizing these issues, we will be able to look back in four years and collectively agree that we, as a nation, have made forward progress.
One of the biggest topics concerning the American people today is healthcare. The nation is divided into those who can reap the benefits of the Obama care policy and those who see its detriment. In order to grow as a nation, the policy’s effect should remain neutral for all Americans. To achieve this, healthcare cannot be mandated. There are various aspects of Obama care, which many Americans can benefit; however, those who do not seek the policy’s benefits should not be reprimanded for denying it. Under my charge, the Obama care policy will be revised to meet the baseline needs of all Americans.
The unemployment rate in America has made a decline over the years, but the issue remains very relevant to the economic health of the nation. In May 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a national unemployment rate of 5.5 percent. This is a drastic improvement from our 9.9 percent rate in 2009, but there is room for improvement when compared internationally. It will be my priority to bring jobs back to the American people. We have heavily relied on imported goods for too long, and our tarnishing national GDP is a direct reflection of that. It is time to begin constructing more production facilities domestically. Not only will this bring more jobs to the economy but an increase in our national exports will also boost national GDP.
The final but most important issue, which needs to be laboriously…...

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Fill in the table by adding your answer to each question. Submit the completed worksheet as an attachment via the Assignment tab. Question about Classroom Interactivity Your Answers Why is it important for you to check your UOPX email account regularly as a student?
 By checking my UOPX account regularly I am able to stay up to date with all notifications and become aware of any upcoming or missed events. I plan to port forward all of these emails to my main email that way I can even receive these notifications on my phone as well What is the difference between the activity stream and Classroom Discussion?
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