With Reference to the Article by Ray Anderson, the Current Information on the Interface Website, What You Have Learnt on the Course and Have Gained from Your Extended Reading Please Answer the Following Question: 'Is

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7920IBA: Systems Thinking and Sustainability

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"With reference to the article by Ray Anderson, the current information on the Interface website, what you have learnt on the course and have gained from your extended reading please answer the following question: 'Is the Interface model a prototype company for the 21st Century? If so why, if not why not?

Prototype companies are vital so industry can move forward with world sustainability in the 21st Century. Interface is the role model of a prototypical company of the 21st Century as they promote and employ elements of Zero Discharge, reduced benign emissions, open communication, efficient transportation and logistics, and renewable energy concepts. Zero Discharge creates an environment in industry where waste and emissions are re-invented through systems of recovery and are reused by either the same plant or other manufactures as a raw material. Reduced benign emissions is process that benefits the community through reduced pollution and also increases profits for a company by waste reduction. Open communication shows a business’s transparency and investment in its stakeholders, by business being open to their operations the stakeholders feel a sense in confidence of a business’ operations. Resource efficient transportation and logistics which looks at aspects of improving air quality, using hybrid vehicles and the careful planning of positioning factories close to their customers, results in more sustainable logistical operations. Renewable Energy, with a strong prominence on photovoltaic cells, creates a long term solution to the rising costs of diminishing fossil fuels. Photovoltaic energy systems use no moving parts and convert solar energy directly into electricity, which is the most adaptable form of power also resulting in less carbon emissions in comparison to coal…...

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