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Wingtip Toys
Professor Michael Chu
Rodney Wakefall
Strayer University
September 8, 2013 With a host of new features to Microsoft Windows Server 2008, I believe that this utility will utilize Wingtips Toys IT investment more efficiently. Combining this new OS with powerful computer hardware and services solutions can result in a tremendous productivity boost from:
• Enhanced virtualization features that help you increase system availability
• Streamlined management over your remote systems
• Improved security to help ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data
• Seamless, secure internet connection by mobile workers to your corporate network without the need for a virtual private network (VPN)
• Faster file downloads for branch office users
• Dedicated features, such as Direct Access and BranchCach, aimed specifically at maximizing the synergy between Windows Server 2008 clients to enable powerful remote access capabilities
Migration steps are different based on the server role or the applications to be migrated. There is no single step to migrate all types of server roles or applications, hence there are quite a lot of factors we will need to consider. A typical migration process involves clean installation of the operating system, installation of server roles, move data and settings from source to destination new server and point the clients to the new server.
Microsoft has tons of tools available to ensure a smooth migration. These tools will help speed up the deployment of Windows Server 2008 in your existing infrastructure, by ensuring that your network infrastructure and existing hardware are supported and by providing recommendations on a successful migration. Generally there are two stages involved for the migration: Planning and implementing. For planning, the Microsoft Assessment and Planning provides an…...

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