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“If the proper study of mankind is man, man’s inescapable problem is himself-what he would like to be, what he is, what he is not, and yet what he must live and die with.” –John Mason Brown (Brown 207)

The Two Sides of America and Willy Loman
America is a madman. America became a man who fell off his rocker and is free to roam the earth to disturb the minds of those who inhabit it. The American dream is often considered a fantasy by those who criticize it. Capitalism sometimes may not be all that it is cracked up to be when you get down in the dirt and start building. Even when you begin to believe you are moving forward you can be eternally unsure of the direction you are moving. At this point, the race to the top can drive you crazy. In Arthur Miller’s play A Death of a Salesman, the central character Willy Loman embodies the American dream and he is certainly mad. In the story, Willy works as a growing salesman who is getting older and tiring from travelling for work for small returns. His hard work goes unrewarded as each paycheck goes right into the house which always needs to be serviced and mended. This house as it gets to be paid off after 25 years finally becomes owned by the family who ironically may soon not live in the house together. Willy’s family consists of his humble and caring wife, Linda, and his two handsome and able-bodied sons Happy and Biff. The story centers around the external conflict of Willy pushing Biff to be what he wants him to be and Biff’s internal conflict of what it is he would like to do with his life. Death of a Salesman is considered by many to be a tragedy as the play’s events lead to the ultimate suicide of its central character. The play does not lend itself to be a tragedy in a normal sense but a tragedy for all who have succumbed to or at one time believed in the American dream. William Hawkins claims in his review of…...

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...Willy Loman returns home from a trip early, carrying two bags and mumbling. Willy explains that he came home early because he kept forgetting that he was driving. At his wife’s suggestion, Willy decides to ask his boss tomorrow for a sales job in NY so he can stop traveling. Willy and Linda discuss their grown sons, Biff and Happy, who are sleeping upstairs. Willy’s relationship with Biff is rocky because his son is thirty-four and can’t hold a steady job. In his mind, Willy relives happy times when he and his teenage boys are celebrating their own supposed popularity. Biff tells his father that he’s stolen a football (although he uses the term "borrowed") in order to practice his game. Willy tells his son to return it, but he obviously doesn’t care about the theft. Willy goes into advice/bragging mode and tells his sons how great American towns are, and how welcome he is made to feel in all of the cities he sells in. Linda enters and Willy can’t help but brag some more. He tells her he’s extremely well liked, that he made a killing on his recent trip. In actuality, he didn’t do well, he’s insecure, and they’re in debt. Willy suddenly gets worked up at his failure in business and says people just don’t like him very much. His next pubic announcement is that he’s struggling because he’s ugly and fat. Willy’s troubled mind flashes to a lady in his life . . . and it’s not Linda. This other woman is dressing and they are joking in a sexually suggestive way. Willy has given her......

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