Why Should Students Choose Uk as the Higher Education Destination?

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Why should the United Kingdom be your destination for higher education?

The United Kingdom attracts one of the largest internationally mobile student bodies seeking higher education from around the world. Home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world, the Kingdom has established numerous universities which provide high-quality education, facilities and research opportunities to the student demographic looking for advancement in the education career. The reasons that elevate the United Kingdom as an education destination are the quality of education, research opportunities that follow after students have enrolled or completed their universities, lower study costs, shorter study programs and the statistics that show that graduates educated in the United Kingdom have remarkably higher average salaries than if they had been educated in their home countries.

According to an on-line global Student Decision Making survey conducted by the British council in 2007, United Kingdom attracts 10% of total internationally mobile students each year. Within the migrating population, 59% reported choosing the UK solely because of the quality of education. To confirm that the high standards of academic education, teaching, support and facilities are maintained, the universities are regularly analyzed, ranked and compared annually.

QS world university ranking is an information database that compare and rank universities across the world and help students make researched comparisons between their international study alternatives. “The rankings compare these top 800 universities across four broad areas of interest to prospective students: research, teaching, employability and international outlook”. According to the database, four of the world’s top six universities are in the UK. Hence, in the global education front, UK appeals greatly to the students wanting to…...

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