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Project #1 - Research Design
Due October 26, 2015
The purpose of this project is to introduce you to some of the considerations involved in collecting data. The process may be daunting, but once you have thought through many of the concerns, you will be well on your way to conducting research on a topic that interests you. To that end, I encourage you to choose a topic that genuinely inspires your curiosity.
Project Requirements
Type your answers to all questions on a separate sheet(s) of paper, with each response numbered to correspond with the question number. Your answers should be in full sentences, in appropriate English. Make all of your answers specific to the topic that you selected in question 1. Put your name and section on your submission. Cite all of your sources that are not me or the textbook. I do not require any formal citation style, as long as I would be able to track down your source if I needed to.
6 points
6 points
4 points
4 points

Coherence: This is not a English paper, but if I can’t understand what you mean, then I can’t give you full credit. Get a friend to read through your paper before you submit.
Accuracy: Much of this project is subjective, but any statements of fact have to be true. All statistics terms should be used in accordance with their definitions.
Completion: I hope these are 4 free points.
Requirements met.
The Project

1. Ideally your research idea should come from an area in which you have interest and personal expertise. Identify a topic which you are excited about and would like to study further. Elaborate briefly on why this topic seems worthy of your time.
2. In formal scientific method, research often begins with a full literature search. This means reading all available published and unpublished information relevant to your topic. You want to find out what is already known…...

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...WHO AM I? The obvious answer to this question is that I am Kezea M, Colmo, Second Year College, taking up B.S. in Industrial Eng’g. Born to both missionary parents who currently does their ministry work in Mindanao, the place where I grew up. But this doesn't define who I really am, the answer to the question cannot be found in my birth certificate, my race, or my family name. I have to admit that who I really am can be traced to the influence, values, and life principles my parents imparted to me. As a Christian, I grew up applying Biblical principles in my life, without regrets, because it prepared me physically, emotionally and intellectually especially now that I’m living away from my parents. I am just a typical teenager, but what makes me different from the rest is that I have parents who serve as role models to me. Even though they’re miles away from me, I can feel the power of their prayers and their unconditional love. When I go through tough times, I can always depend on them for me to fulfill my life’s dreams. To me, friends are one of most important things, they’re God’s gifts. I am not the type of person who’s choosy with friends. I want to be a friend to everybody! But there are a few people that I would spend time with after school and would go to the mall or the movies, and such. But on the other hand I have friends I would never spend time with after school; they are fine has school acquaintances, but nothing much more. I am a pretty outgoing, friendly person...

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...Student "Who Am I" Essay Who Am I? I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’m only eighteen-years-old. I never knew that I would overcome the problems that I had with my parents but I did. I think that’s why I’m a strong person. The things that I experienced made me scared and I wanted to hide, but I didn’t. However, I always find myself asking “why is my life this way?” At a young age, getting taken away from my parents was hard because I didn’t know anybody. All I knew was my parents. The fact that my parents did not fight to get me back played a large role in my development. I had to grow up seeing and learning things that I wasn’t supposed to know at such a young age. I used to say “I hate my parents for not getting me back!” I used to think that no one cared. I never really made any friends because I was mad all of the time and I would always take my anger out on other people. I knew it was wrong. In junior high school, I made friends because of my talent. I love to sing. Singing makes me forget about all of my problems and it makes me euphoric. Whenever I had a show, I would tell my father to come see me sing. He never paid me any mind. To him, it was always “school, school, school!” I learned to ignore him and to pursue my goals. My boyfriend has a big impact on my life. He’s always there for me when I need him. He keeps me strong and he always tells me “you can do it!” There were times that I used to cry and tell him that I wanted to drop out of school. He would say......

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...or Madam, I realize that this is not one of the prompts for the essay. But I thought instead of going through the same essays over and over again, you can get to know more about me and what I’d like to do for the future. Sound good? Ok let’s go. First of all my name is Gustavo Arturo Villarroel De La Concha Alvarez. Pretty long isn’t it? Don’t worry you can call me Gus for short. Over the past year when I still a junior in high school I conjured up a multitude of ideas for innovations that could very well alter the way we manufacture vehicles for the future, but first I need to be educated in the field that best suits that subject, Mechanical Engineering. During my junior year, I bought a 2001 6 cylinder Laser Red Ford Mustang. It was a stick shift too, so it was fun to drive on the highway switching in and out of gears and really hear the engine roar. I went with my mother and step father to the Rolex 24 since they worked for BRA Motorsports and went inside the garages for the racers and I was mesmerized by the array of sport horses as well as the components that make them up. I was always a curious soul, I just felt the need to poke my nose into things that fascinated me and I always had the urge to obtain a COMPLETE understanding of them. I would actually take some of the machines around the house and take them apart to see how they worked. As a matter of fact I always had my parents buy Legos for me to build, they were always star wars spaceships and every time I would......

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...Who am I? A wonderful psychology by the name of Erikson once said“The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others.” I have grown to know myself over the past 15 years. I am learning that I change daily, but the things that don’t change about me is name, birthplace, personality and family background. My name is Aerial Paige King. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. My family raised me into the lady I am today. My mother was a junior in college when I was born. She made the decision to continue her college career with the support of all our family. I main remember spending the most time with my immediate family. I lived with my grandparents from birth until 8th grade. I have a close relationship with my parents which is my grandparents, biological parents, and my stepfather. I am a huge family person who enjoy putting a smile on people face and making them safe. My personality is really bubbly, honest, and curious. My motives, values, and thoughts have changed over the years. I remember being a great and bad students. I was really popular in elementary and secondary schooling. I wanted to make people laugh as well as my teachers. Some of those got me in trouble. I always knew my parents raised me well. It wasn’t till high school I learned to make everyone laugh without crossing the line or getting trouble. My views on schooling and future changed in high school. I was once a person who never like to challenge my brain I was alright......

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...Who Am I 8/1/2015 This self-analysis gives an idea of who I am, what I believe in, what kinds of behaviors I have, what my gender roles are, what social influences I have, what I see as my group dynamics, and how I feel about relationships. This is all about me and who I am inside as a person, my very own self- analysis. I have changed a lot over the last few years so if I had written this a few years ago I am sure it would have been answered differently. I am a survivor. I believe myself to be a survivor because I have brought myself to a place in my life that will keep me alive. I have battled with drugs and alcohol for most of my life and have been clean for 7 years now, all of my own doing. I have lived on the streets and fought battles with myself teaching myself to live independent of others to survive. I am independent. I can live on my own and take care of myself and my family without the help of others. I have been to the bottom of the worst places in life and that has taught me to not be carless with what I have, and know that I can lose it all again in the blink of an eye. I am happy. I enjoy life. I have lived my life in dark places for so long. I love life so much now. I enjoy family and friends and all of the time I have with them, knowing that every day I wake is another blessing to me. I have to say I believe myself to be both independent and interdependent. I think independent because of all that I have achieved in my life because of all of the......

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...April 2016 Who Am I? I am Gwayshala Campbell, a seventeen year old girl. I am a very optimistic student who makes bad decisions, cries when she is happy, smiles when she is sad, and is willing to work. Each day I grow as a person. Every experience in my life good or bad, happy or sad makes me stronger. Each passing moment is a new life experience for me and makes me grow into the person I want to be. Day by day, hour by hour I take a new step in my life, a step towards another, into a world full of knowledge. Knowledge is all around me, waiting for me to learn new things and process new information that will teach me through life. I am a student throughout life, not just in the classroom. I am a person who makes many mistakes, but have the courtesy to learn from them and not make them twice. I am a person who laughs so hard that I have tears running down my cheeks. I am an emotional person who cries whenever I need to and is not embarrassed to express myself that way. I express whatever I am feeling so I don't have to hold it inside until I explode. I need hugs and kisses from my loved ones and I give them back with no hesitation. I am that person who tries to light up the room with a smile. I am that person who tries to pick you up when you are down, laugh when you want to cry, and is there when you want to talk. I have a great shoulder for people to lean on and see myself as an excellent friend. I am a good listener and will shut up until you are finished. I give good......

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