When Wanting Is Better Than Having: Analysis

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When Wanting is Better Than Having Research Implication Paper Ned G. Kendall III Walsh University

Marketing Management Dr. Julie Szendrey MBA 624 09/07/2013

WHEN WANTING IS BETTER THAN HAVING The article that I have chosen for the research implication paper is “When Wanting is


Better than Having: Materialism, Transformation Expectations, and Product-Evoked Emotions in the Purchase Process.” (Richins, 2013) The focus of the article is the accuracy and claim that purchasing brings an individual happiness. I found this article to be of interest not only because it focuses on the ‘People’ aspect of the Modern Marketing Management Four Ps (Kotler & Keller, 2012), but it an interesting insight of consumer behavior from a psychological point of view. This article examines the emotions evoked before, during and after purchasing a product and introduces the concept of hedonic elevation. Hedonic elevation is simply the concept of relating to something with either a pleasant, or an unpleasant, sensation. Lastly, this article focuses on product-evoked emotions between high and low-materialism consumers through the performance of three separate studies, using five different hypotheses. The main emotions that are studied throughout article are joy, excitement, contentment, optimism and peacefulness. Materialism has three main components: a measure of personal success based on what one has acquired in life, that concept that acquisitions and happiness are interdependent, and the simple process of frequently acquiring possessions. This article is the first of its kind to study how various feelings, associated with purchasing a product, may change throughout the purchasing process. It is also an excellent study of the socio-cultural environment at a micro level. Study 1 includes the following hypotheses. The first hypotheses…...

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