When I Grow Up: an Analytical Study of the Interpretations of Children on Pop Culture Elements Found in Selected Tv Commercials

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When I Grow Up:
An Analytical Study of the Interpretations of Children on Pop Culture Elements found in Selected TV Commercials “TV takes our children across the globe before parents give them permission to cross the streets.”
- Joshua Meyrowitz

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Advertising is a form of mass communication strategy created to promote the purchase of a certain product, message, or service in the market. It carries the messages that come to you from the people who pay for the media (Biagi, 2001, p. 227). It is also an act of popularizing something through mass media to attract the attention of the consumers, audiences, or mainly the public for higher sales and marketability. Tracing through the history, evidences of advertising is said to have started thousands of years before when people started trading things for survival. Thus, the rise of technology, industrialization, and capitalism triggered the success of advertising in the heightening state of competition worldwide and in every aspect; from commodities, to people and politics. The industrial revolution, according to some historians, is the root of commercial advertising (Campbell, 2002, p. 387). Because of the continuous occurrence of new products in the market and there is a need to sell them off instantly, businessmen tried the concept of large scale advertising to sell more. Over the time, manufacturers realized that if their products were distinctive and became associated with quality, customers would remember their name. Because of this, manufacturers can now dictate the prices without worrying about being unsold. And at the end, manufacturers began to use advertising to establish identity and separate themselves from the competitors. But when consumers began demanding certain products – either because of quality or advertising, manufacturers seized control of pricing. With ads…...

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