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Adelitas Way’s goal for their 3rd studio album Stuck was to make a rock record that would lead them to elite status, an album that was supposed to be “their arrival”. They wanted this record to be the one that would push them in the ranks of major bands like Shinedown, Alterbridge, Three Days Grace, Five Finger Death Punch, and among other notable acts.

With 7 songs written in late 2012, the band started writing and recording demos for various months. Despite, guitarist Keith Wallen leaving Adelitas Way in May of 2013 his departure did not stop the band from making their long anticipated release. The band’s original plan for Stuck was to release a total of 12 songs, 11 in your face songs and one song with a pop vibe a song called “Drive”.
Pre-Production for the new record started on July 31st, 2013 with Nick Raskulenicz revealed as the producer. The band started recording in early September at a cabin in Rock Falcon Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. It wasn’t long until the band’s record label Virgin Records, got involved in the making of Stuck.

After, reviewing the band’s track list and demos the label rejected the release of 2 songs “Undercover You” and “Deserve This”. Although the song “Drive” was the only intended track to have a pop side to it the label demanded new songs to be written that had a more alternative sound. Several New songs were written including the ballad “Undivided” and the melodic track “Something More” both songs were some of the last songs recorded and were added on Stuck to replace the 2 songs that were removed.
For nearly 3 months the band vigorously worked on reinventing the new record in the way the label had ordered it to be making it more diverse and up to date. It was around this time that frontman Rick DeJesus was the verge of ultimately being close quitting music. The pressure of having to talk to suits on a daily basis and…...

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