What Three Things Motivated Me to Start College?

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What Three Things Motivated Me to Start College?

What motivations would have me stepping out of my comfortable safe zone to contemplate textbooks, essays, grades, dreaded exams, and taking on the finical burden of student loans? I always had a vague idea someday, after the kids were grown and I had more free time, I would go back and get the college education I passed up in my youth. Life experiences and the oft times unexpected upheaval it brings, has dramatically brought a different agenda to my motivations and goals. Narrowing down to the strongest point that motivated me to start college is a fairly easy task, it all boils down to the main focus of my life: my family, raising our circumstances and all of our future aspirations.

The foremost motivation is by far the largest was the dedication to raising my family. My husband became disabled roughly seven years ago; at that time I was unable to keep our small construction company running. The construction company, our main source of income, was gone and quality of life became vastly different. The struggle to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table for our children was the spur I needed to make the decision to return to college. This became my main motivation. Starting college and seeking out a degree that would provide me the ability to find employment with the ultimate goal of being able to provide a better life for my family. The prospect of a brighter future was appealing. The second motivation is, which is no less important to me, I wanted to show my children that at any age one can learn and grow. How could I, in good conscience, sit and lecture or try to make them see that a college education is infinitely important if I put my own aside? With some of my children’s ages bringing them ever closer to planning out their futures, I cannot show myself to be a hypocrite; negligent in backing up my…...

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