What Repression Can Do to a Woman

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What Repression Can Do to a Woman
Since the beginning of time women have been treated as second class citizens. Women were repressed and were forced to face many problems. At that time women were mainly controlled by their husbands and could not freely do things without the consent of their husband. This paper shows how this is evident in the "Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin and "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner. In both stories, the use of literary elements such as foreshadowing, symbolism, and significant meaning of the titles are essential in bringing the reader to an unexpected and ironic conclusion.
The similarities begin with both of the authors being raised in the south. We can presume that is one way they could described the situations that they faced so accurately; situations like political and social presumptions problems especially for women at that time. Chopin writes how “women are to be seen and not heard”. That was the standard for women in those days. Women had no basic rights like voting and generally lived under their husband’s rule.
Chopin's stories seemed very modern even though it was written over 120 years ago. Chopin stretched boundaries with her writing. The late eighteen hundreds were a rough time for women and there were not the options like divorce that is available now. Through Mrs. Mallard, we could see the social repression that women felt at that time. Therefore, in this story there is so much domination, Chopin said "They were locked into marriages" that probably loved. At least Mrs. Mallard says her husband "never looked at her save with love" (Chopin).
In the beginning of The Story of an Hour, Chopin referred to the protagonist as Mrs. Mallard; an appendage of her husband Brently Mallard. Then when she thought she was free, Mrs. Mallard was denoted by her first name, Louise. Chopin was trying to say that…...

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