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Michael Zientek
Case Study 3.3

1. How has the emergence of the Internet changed the way organizations plan and manage their human resource needs? a. The Internet has made it easier, faster, and cheaper for human resources to advertise available job positions in their companies. This has been huge advance in regards to human resources problems. 2. What kinds of future human resource activities might we see developed over the next several years? b. I think automation will take over many of the menial tasks that are associated with human resource managers. Sometimes they can have too many forms that need to be filled out. Software programs will eventually be developed to help finish these. Also, job searches can be completed by programs. 3. What are the legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of the Internet by individual employers for human resource activities? Are you concerned about violations of your own privacy because of these kinds of web applications? c. There can be data that accidentally gets leaked into the Internet that would be sharing private information. Also, web applications can easily be hacked into which can cause a problem if hackers are gaining access to employer’s private files. 4. What specialized skills will the future HRIS professional need in order to effectively manage an organization’s virtual human resource function? d. They would need to learn how to navigate the Internet and also figure out what type of postings are most effective in order to take advantage of…...

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