What Brings You the Greatest Joy? How Does This Make You Distinctive?

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Physical activity brings me the greatest joy. I love outdoor sports such as sailing and skiing as well as indoor workouts in the gym. Exercise, adventure and vigorous activity bring me calm and make me feel at ease with myself.

I started taking an interest in physical activity in my undergrad days. Inspired by a growing awareness about fitness and general health, I became a regular at the school gym. Consistency and perseverance through the course of my study saw me become substantially fitter. With this fitness came a pleasant surprise – increased energy levels, appreciation from friends and enhanced confidence.

When I started working full time, I was engulfed by rising work pressure. I resolved to re-double my physical activity. I took to swimming in a big way. Doing 40 laps every day at the gym almost single-handedly helped me contain my stress levels. I then took lessons in sailing and skiing. They gave me newer avenues to explore the beautiful outdoors – sailing in the summer and skiing in the winter.

My love for physical activity has come to shape me in many ways. I am able to bring to high energy levels, keen focus and situational awareness to all my endeavors. My love for sports and the outdoors gives me new avenues for networking as well as enhanced team-working skills. My constant quest for adventure has given me the confidence to handle challenges as well as the drive to excel in my pursuits – both personal and…...

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