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The objective to build the GSC focused on the all levels of the market which are enjoyment of life, it must function effectively in the provision of entertainment services to the pluralistic society in Perlis. Vision
GSC is a leading of Malaysian cinemas, provided this type of entertainment in Perlis, it sure can fulfill the people's entertainment needs especially the youth market, and addressing the job opportunities in the service development for the individual and communities.

The mission is to generate the new project idea and implement it in the Perlis, make the entertainment not only pursuit of look at the content, but focus on one kind of quality enjoyment.

Main Output: Service 1. High-quality audio and visual effects 2. Good environment and facilities 3. Groups to enjoy the feeling of watching movies 4. Healthy, elegant, and comfortable consumer sites 5. Special days such as female, special offers for Wednesday or discounts for students 6. Offers various choices of new movie content

Project Capacity 1. Four video halls provided the various movies can release recycling. So that the audience does not need to wait for another movie screened and sometimes wait too long. 2. Four digital cinemas. It can be provided the 10-25 meters wide projection screen to satisfy the audience visual enjoyment. 3. Sixty seats look like the mini cinema feeling. 4. Video hall layer height at least 5.5 m or more, the height and width spacing at least nine meters. Primarily is to ensure that the movie going performance and the number seats of audience. 5. Ticket place set up to three counters for the audience to buy tickets. 6. Snack counter converted into the small restaurant. It provided a waiting place to the audience to rest, to eat or to buy the snacks entrance to watch movies.…...

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