What Are the Opportunities in Ethically Dealing with Customers?

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What are the opportunities in ethically dealing with customers?

Do we really need ethically dealing with customers? Why? Can we have a deal with client without ethic? Where will it lead? I will try to give answers on these questions that you have read above in my essay.
I would like to describe short stories which happened with my mom in the past. First story is about her job in travel agency as Tourism Manager. She worked in big company that had a lot of clients. A big amount of clients means high salary. Everybody knows that. There were a competition between workers; everyone wanted to have one or two rich clients according to whom they could not be afraid about salary and profit from selling. So, these travel agents forgot about ethics and openly told to poor or medium clients that they had nothing to offer them. It was awful. They fended off them as if from annoying flies. There was such situation as client came and worker cast him out just glancing at him. This client came to my mother and told her about such attitude. She was a top-manager and she was obliged to solve the problem.
When I heard about this attitude to clients, who did not have enough money to order “VIP” tour, I was outraged. It’s unfair. I think that any kind of business it’s first of all service. These workers has a job, they should serve clients and earn money. Elementary, if they understand that client cannot pay for expensive journey, they should have plan B, cheaper proposal that can satisfy tourist. There must have a place respect, courtesy, and knowledge of his place, understanding and patience. The customer is always right.
When my mother solved problem she had realized that this client was influential and rich man. Do not judge people by their looks. This client (maybe we will give him a name, Max, for example) was appreciate for my…...

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