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Lauren Dudley

1. “A woman on a pedestal” is simply broken down to that someone is seeking our culture’s standards. Also, after they feel as if they have met the standards we, as people have the thought process called “one upping.” Once someone has put themselves on a pedestal and then someone decides that their own personal experience is actually more important than the other person. The woman in the beginning is on a pedestal, so to speak. The second woman who was talking about her own experience to make the attention turn toward her, is now on a pedestal because she seems to be more superior to the first woman. 2. The artist’s studio becomes a metaphor for the mind of the devoted lover, filled with pictures of his beloved upon which he “feeds.” The model in this piece is depicted as a child in lines three and in line five she is seen as a queen in lavished clothing. There is an ambivalence about how we are to view the artist’s love: as idealized and hopeful or as delusional and foolish. The issue of true likeness is played on by the association of the mirror in line 4. It offers an authentic, honest representation of the painting, the irony being that the painting itself is not a true likeness but an idealized one. In lines 5-7 it shows one of the main ideas of this sonnet, which is that love can be perceived in any way, just like an artist can paint their muse in different settings and poses. Another theme of the poem is the difficulty of viewing a person objectively, free from the influencing perspectives of others. It is the mirror that ‘gave back all her loveliness’, but the way the mirror avoids the ‘screens’ to reach the painting behind seems to suggest that on some level this is the most profound, honest representation – the one hidden from the view of casual judgments. The final lines foreground the difficulty of seeing someone…...

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