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The literature provided for this assignment will critically explore the relevance and the application of the concept of wellbeing within my organisational setting. My organisational setting is a Further Education College based in Cardiff, South Wales. My role in this institution is to deliver education and training in the vocational trade of plastering. Cardiff is now a diverse and multicultural city and many of the students that attend our college evolve from different social, economic and religious backgrounds as well as having variable capabilities. As a provider of education and training, it is important that we implement policies and procedures that meet the needs of the community by promoting inclusion and addressing inequalities. Every student is treated as an individual and we strive to eliminate discrimination and overcome the disadvantages that exist in society these days that have treated some groups less favourably than others. My duty as an educator is to provide my learners with a positive learning environment and to support their wellbeing by providing challenging, interactive and good quality learning experiences.
The psychology of wellbeing has been studied since the times of Aristotle, for two millennia, man has sought the highest good for himself, happiness. The notion of happiness remains vague and multifarious, yet every human being searches for it. However, how to define and obtain happiness has and continues to be a widely debated issue. In Nichomachean Ethics, Aristotle gives his view on happiness. According to Aristotle, various types of people pursue different outcomes; ordinary people seek pleasure, whereas others say that seeking glory is the greatest good. There must be a greater good than glory. Plato suggests that there is only one form of good and that all good things are viewed in the same way.…...

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