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Week Six Reflection Week six dealt with how an organization’s diversity impacts human capital management. This is not a new subject for me. Working for a global corporation requires working with a very diverse group of people. Valerie didn’t struggle with any of the concepts, but some of the topics made me think about how to create a better environment for my employees. My district has about 130 employees. Each of the nine branches has diversity within each group. Our employees attend many different training classes with other people around the country and around the world, so we are accustomed to learning about cultural differences as well as personality differences. Handling conflict is sometimes challenging, so we have to adjust how we handle conflict accordingly.

Tram felt comfortable with this week’s topic about diversity. There was no topic that Tram was not comfortable with. An organization’s diversity impacts human capital management by the integrating people of different backgrounds, beliefs and values. We have a diversified group of employees at our organizations. We are from different backgrounds, not just from educational backgrounds but also geographical settings and beliefs. There are people who have been working at the organization for 25-plus years and others like me who have been working for two to three years or just newly hired. Tram learned from the older workers about how to get a good pace/routine to finish the work on time. It helped me a lot because Tram is able to finish work and take a break.
Tram Vu

Staci felt very comfortable with this week’s topics. Diversity is something that most of us deal with on a daily basis, no matter our jobs or positions within an organization. Each of us our different in our own way, from the decisions we make, the way we act, to our cultural differences. The impact that diversity has on an…...

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