Week 4

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September 30, 2013

Week Four

While implementing a Performance Management Framework (PMF) for Landslide Limousine Service, who intends on expand their business to Austin, Texas, it is important for the company to understand why it is not only important, but necessary to implement this particular framework as a part of the company’s organizational business strategy. When establishing a new business, we highly recommend you start building this business venture by creating a framework for performance management. It’s vital that the framework include relatable employee job skills, the methods used for measuring these skills, the process for addressing skills gaps, and the approach for delivering effective performance feedback.

Alignment of Performance Management Framework In Oder for any business to become successful it is important for companies to implement a performance management framework. A performance management framework (PMF) allows the companies to ensure goals are met and internal decisions are made based off of employees work performance. Performance management aligns with the business strategy because the business strategy displays the vision and goals set by the company and the performance management framework is another tool. This tools is use to measure and ensue these goals are understood and employees are given the best chance to succeed and help the business achieve their goals. Organizational performance philosophy is the beliefs about how people should be manage to achieve the performance that the organization needs to succeed. ("Preformance Management Framework", 2013).

Organizational Performance Strategy
The set- up phases is the most important, particularly identification of organizational performances goals since this provides the foundation for achieving…...

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