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Practice date: Sept 19, Thursday
Time of day: 20 P.M. ---20.30 P.M.
Daily Goal: Practice the correct breathe way I learnt in the first voice.

Practice date: Sept, 21, Saturday
Time of day: 19 P.M. ---19.30 P.M.
Daily Goal: Practice the correct breathe way and do some warm up.

Practice date: Sept 23, Monday
Time of day: 19.30 P.M. ---20 P.M.
Daily Goal: Practice the correct breathe way and try to find a balanced, free, and flexible singing posture as Emily said in the class, and also do some warm up.

In the first voice class, I learnt that how to breathe in a right way. I not only need to inhale quickly and exhale slowly when I sing a song, but I also need to maintain right posture. Emily taught me that when I inhaling or exhaling, I both need to release my shoulder and muscle.
When I practice the inhaling, I try to only to mouth to inhale. I also practice to explore the sensation that let the air fall lower than my belly button. Then let the breath fall in faster. After that I felt that my abdomen and lower back expand. When I practice the exhaling, I felt that it is more difficult to expand my belly than inhaling. I have to control my exhalation and have a sustained and smooth exhalation.
I want to develop good posture while I breathe. A balanced, free, and flexible posture is fundamental to efficient vocal production and lovely voice quality. Emily taught me that when my body is aligned correctly, taking and using an efficient breath is easier. So I practice the right posture we practiced in the first class when I do the warm up and hum. I also face to a big mirror because that I think it can help me to find my mistake easier.
When I practice the warm up. I try to make my voice smooth and gentle as Emily told me in the class. I also tried my best to match the right…...

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