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Veterinarian Job Description: Veterinarians or doctors of veterinary medicine diagnose, and treat diseases and injuries of pets, such as dogs and cats, and farm animals, such as cattle or sheep: The veterinarian examines the animal to determine nature of disease or injury and treats the animal surgically or medically. A veterinarian tests dairy herds, horses, sheep, and other animals for diseases and inoculates animals against rabies, brucellosis, and other disorders. They advise animal owners about sanitary measures, feeding, and general care to promote health of animals.
Other aspects of the Veterinarian job description are research, teaching, or production of commercial products. Some Veterinarian's specialize in prevention and control of communicable animal diseases and can be designated Veterinarian, Public Health (medical service). Some Veterinarian's specialize in diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, using roentgen rays and radioactive substances, and may be designated as a Veterinary Radiologist (medical service).
Working Conditions
Veterinarians in private or clinical practice often work long hours in a noisy indoor environment. Sometimes they have to deal with emotional or demanding pet owners. When working with animals that are frightened or in pain, veterinarians risk being bitten, kicked, or scratched.

Veterinarians in large-animal practice spend time driving between their office and farms or ranches. They work outdoors in all kinds of weather and may have to treat animals or perform surgery, under unsanitary conditions.

Veterinarians working in nonclinical areas, such as public health and research, have working conditions similar to those of other professionals in those lines of work. These veterinarians enjoy clean, well-lit offices or laboratories and spend much of their time dealing with people rather than animals.…...

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... Veterinarians, diagnose and treat diseases and injuries of animals and treat them surgically or medically. They advise animal owners about sanitary measures, feeding, and general care to promote health of animals. This career requires four years of college and an additional five to seven years of specialized medical training to be able to do their job. Extensive skills, knowledge, and experience are needed for these occupations. Veterinarians should have a likeliness for animals and the ability to get along with their owners. Science is incorporated in this career because Veterinarians can contribute to human as well as animal health, a number of veterinarians work with physicians and scientists as they research ways to prevent and treat various human health problems. Technology is also incorporated in this career. Technology helps veterinary doctors because Animals needs the benefit of laser surgery, ultrasounds, and MRIs. Operations that once required weeks of recovery now take just days. The challenges that a veterinarian might encounter in this career is that when working with animals that are frightened or in pain, veterinarians risked being bitten, kicked, or scratched. Vets also face the risk of infections caused by viruses and bacteria in animals, such as swine flu and avian flu. To prevent this risks, It is recommended that veterinarians are vaccinated against rabies just in case,...

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...higher risk, than those that are altered, for contracting two viruses known as Feline Leukemia and FIV. FIV is the feline form of human HIV. According to Dr. Tracy Land, “80 percent of the cases with feline aids are unneutered males.” Both viruses suppress the animal’s immune system; therefore the animal’s body is unable to fight off many infections. While veterinarians are able to treat the symptoms, both viruses are fatal. Feral cats and dogs are producing many unwanted animals. Many feral cats are infected with one or both of the contagious diseases mentioned above and spreading those diseases to offspring, as well as the entire population. It has become common today for stray dogs to mate with wolves or coyotes. Wolf hybrid dogs are becoming a popular breed among some regions. However, most people don’t understand the huge risk imposed upon their family by having a wolf hybrid. Some veterinarians refuse services to these wild animals, no matter how nice they may seem. Veterinarians refuse services because the rabies vaccines for dogs and cats are not labeled for use in any wild animals. As a result, veterinarians can not take a chance at endangering staff members. Many pet owners turn their animals over to the local animal shelter due to some sort of behavioral problem. However, many behavior problems are a result from not being spayed or neutered. An unaltered male is more likely to “hike” his leg and mark “his” territory. Neutered males are less......

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...Olvera English 99 May 29,2012 Outline I. Intro II. Veterinarian Description A. Treat Animals 1. Diseases 2. Disorders 3. Injury B. Care for animals 1. Diagnosis 2. Treat 3. After care III. Employment A. Private Practice 1. Small animals 2. Clinic or Hospital B. Large animals 1. Zoo's 2. Farm's IV. Education/ Licensing A. DVM - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 1. Competitive 2. Extensive preparation B. North America Veterinary License Exam V. Typical Day A. Never the same B. Emergencies C. Long time patients D. Record keeping E. Sanitary VI. Conclusion Abstract A Veterinary Physician is a profession that requires a passion and unconditional love for animals. A veterinarian helps treat and cure animals of diseases, disorders, and injuries. Basic diagnosis of an animal if very difficult gauge since animals do not have to ability to vocalize any symptoms they are experiencing. A vet must use clinical trials to decipher the best procedure needed for treatment. With a degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine a vet must use past knowledge, experience, and the owners information to properly treat the animal. Being that over 75% of veterinarians work out of a private office they must pass the North America Veterinary License Exam in order to practice in the United States. Private practice usually deals with household pets such as dogs and cats but a veterinarian can use their education to work with larger and......

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...The Veterinarian 1,243 words A Veterinarian is a hard working individual who works hard to get and keep this respected job. Veterinarian Medicine originated back in 2,500 B.C, and it is still a job today. Of course it is much more advanced and now it takes a lot more work to have the title of Veterinarian. A veterinarian’s education is very important if they want to get into college and a job after school. The type of college the student goes to is very important too. It can affect where their job is or how much money they make. A veterinarian’s job is a good one and anyone with a passion for animals should try it including me. The education of a veterinarian is very important. In college and in high school education is important. In high school to get into a good college with veterinarian programs the student must take many courses. They include biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, trigonometry, statistics, environmental/earth science, English, computer science, history, and languages. The student must not only take these classes, but the student must get above a 3.0 GPA average to even think about getting into a veterinary college. Once the student gets into a college you must take many courses to get a job after words. In the first year the student must take English, zoology, and general chemistry. In the second year the student must take organic chemistry, general physics, and calculus. In the third year the student......

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...practitioner can be successful. I ask that you give me the opportunity to utilize my passion and drive to become a veterinarian. When I was seven, my grandparents gave me a horse. From them I learned about feeding, grooming, mucking and riding. Since then I have always been fascinated with farm animals, especially horses. For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for science as well. The application of the principles learned in class requires that you continue to learn. It is the challenge of applying those principles to animal medical issues that has influenced my decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. My decision is based on the desire to help animals and to pursue the root causes of the issues found in the ordinary and extraordinary situations a large animal practitioner encounters. I am a highly motivated and methodical person and look forward to the challenges of this difficult coursework and career. At Colorado State University, I was selected to participate in the sought after internship opportunity at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. Seeking to learn firsthand about the real daily life of a large animal veterinarian, I chose to ride and assist Dr. Ken Canterbury as he made his rounds in the Lexington area. I received first-hand experience of the physically and emotionally demanding duties required of a large animal veterinarian. The 3:30am starts and 12-14 hour days, as well as being on call 24 hours can take a toll on a vet. But the......

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...ShaSha Lei How Psychology Affect My Career Decisions Our career choices are shaped by the personal interest and environment in our lives. This research paper will discuss how interest and environment influenced my career decisions throughout the years. Become a Magician, Veterinarian, Psychologist and Accountant are some of various my career selections in the past 18 years. My early childhood career selection was to become a Magician. Why would I want to become a Magician? Because I read a book called “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and I was attracted by those fancy events. In the book, Mr. Wonka has the biggest candy factory in the world, and he can turn impossible things into possible situations. I always thought it would be great if I can have the same ability as him. My career decisions became more realistic while in Middle School and the High School. When I was in Middle School, I wanted to become a Veterinarian after I got my first puppy. I love dogs, and I want to make Veterinarian profession my future career. I found some information about Veterinarians in “Wiki Answers”, which indicates that “Veterinarian are required to study a Biology related major and must graduate with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from a 6 year program at an accredited college ( After I saw this reference website; I choose to abandon this career choice because Science is not my favor subject. After Middle School, in High...

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...Average Veterinarian Salary – How Much Can You Expect to Make As a Veterinarian? Becoming a veterinarian can allow you to make a very comfortable living performing a duty that is very important and very rewarding. Becoming a veterinarian requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and of course quite a bit of schooling. All of the hard work and long hours of studying will pay off when you land your dream job and get to work as a veterinarian. But how much money can you expect to make? What is the average veterinarian salary? Average Veterinarian Salary According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a veterinarian is $39.44 per hour or $82,040 per year. It is important to be aware that the amount of money you can make may vary dramatically from what the average salary is. There are a number of factors that will affect the amount of money you can earn. Where you live and work, whether you work for a large company, how many years of experience you have, and several other factors will determine how much you are able to earn. It’s also important to note that the most up-to-date data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was published back in 2010 and it is likely that those figures are now higher. Although the data available on the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) website shows an annual income of approximately $82,000, the numbers on some of the popular job search websites differ quite a bit. For example, on the average veterinarian......

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...Becoming a veterinarian is not an easy task. It requires years of study, countless hours learning, and large amounts of money to pay for school tuition and licensing. However, the rewards of being a veterinarian are worth the sacrifices if it is a profession that you love. Undergraduates must complete the preliminary work required to enter one of the twenty-seven accredited institutions that deal with veterinary medicine. Undergraduate students must complete very specific coursework, maintain a minimum grade point average, and pass an entrance exam if they are to continue their pursuits in the field of veterinary medicine. After acceptance into Veterinary school, students must complete a series of two phases; the first of these consists of classroom and laboratory exercises where Are you passionate about pets? Maybe you should think about becoming a veterinarian. The job outlook for this field is good. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment of veterinarians is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2012.Veterinary practices are your average everyday local animal hospital, dealing only with domestic animals unless the hospital specializes on a specific type of animal. Rural veterinarians deal with the larger animals such as livestock and any average farm animal such as cows, pigs, goats. Zoo veterinarians deal with the more exotic and or foreign animals like monkeys, flamingos, lions, tigers, giraffe, most of......

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Marketing Lelang any medication, check with your veterinarian to make sure it is safe and get the proper dosage information based on the size of your dog. Types of over the counter diarrhea aids to consider (after checking with your veterinarian): • Pepto Bismol • Immodium • Kaopectate Quick Response Your quick response is the best dog diarrhea cure there is. Take a look at the dog's environment to see if he has eaten a foreign object or been exposed to the feces of an infected animal who has a disease. Take your dog to the veterinarian if necessary, or change his diet if you suspect a minor illness to be the cause of the diarrhea. Dog Stomach Problems 5 [pic]"Dog Stomach Problems can have multiple causes. The most common symptom is vomiting. If your dog has just eaten, was outside and may have eaten garbage or grass or is on a new medication than this is likely the cause. Note that if your dog licked antifreeze in the street, this is a poison and requires immediate treatment. If your dog is suffering from persistent vomiting and you see blood in the vomit then the condition could be more severe. In any case, consult with a veterinarian as soon as possible." [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]Dog stomach problems can take many forms including ulcers, blockages, tumors, bloat (gastric dilatation volvulus) Addison's disease and gastritis. The most common symptom is vomiting. Be sure to call your veterinarian immediately if your dog is under age...

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...Devyn R. Fowler Oct. 01, 2014 ENG 101 Becoming a Veterinarian Animals have been a major part of my life for as long as I could remember. Even as a baby, I was surrounded by all types of animals; dogs, cats, lizards, birds. Etc. The passion I have for animals inspired me to me to want to become a veterinarian. A veterinarian “is a person who is trained to give medical care and treatment to animals: an animal doctor” (Merriam-Webster). I can find no better career path for me then helping animals that are injured/in need of medical attention. If you weren’t aware, there are five main veterinarian jobs; livestock, companion, exotic, mixed, and lab animals. My interest lies only between two of the five jobs: livestock and companion. Knowing the differences and similarities between the two will help me better understand these jobs and also help me make a final decision on which specific career path to study. Livestock veterinarians specialize in exactly that, livestock animals (cows, horses, etc.). “Livestock veterinarians examine, diagnose, and treat individual livestock animals/herds” ( Another aspect would be treating animals that will be used for food. With that being said, a livestock veterinarian must “enforce food safety standards, check for transmittable diseases and quarantine animals as necessary” ( “Other duties include giving vaccinations and handing out......

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...waiting for the FDA approval of Hemopure will further delay their revenue stream generation. To begin with, the potential of the animal market has to be analyzed along with the demands and supply of Oxyglobin in the market. Considering the scenario, there were approximately 15,000 veterinarian clinics in the US and each clinic assumed to have 800 incoming dogs (approximately) per year (Exhibit 7). Based on the calculations in Table 1, if Oxyglobin was priced at $150/unit, the market size would have been estimated at an approximate of $12 million. With the potential of market expansion, the market size would be an approximate value of $540 million. In order to justify this pricing, one had to look at the acceptance of the product by veterinarians and simultaneously, the willingness of pet owners to try the product (Table A and B, HBS case study-Biopure). Although the number of blood transfusions that occurred in 1995 were very low, 30% of those cases could have benefited from blood transfusion, i.e. could have been critical cases. However, they weren’t administered blood transfusion due to a lack of resources. Even if Oxyglobin would have been priced at $150, there were 80% and 75% chances that veterinarians and pet owners would accept the product respectively, if the animal would have been in a critical situation. Hence, there is a huge potential for Oxyglobin to generate a steady stream of revenues even after market expansion. Now considering the market expansion, there......

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...and price-sensitive. Two surveys that Biopure conducted in 1997 to test the sensitivity of the animal blood substitute market found that 25 percent and 80 percent of veterinarians would try Oxyglobin in noncritical and critical cases, respectively, if the product was priced at $150. Furthermore, 35 percent and 75 percent of pet owners would try the product in noncritical and critical cases, respectively, at $300 per unit. Because veterinary practices typically use a simple “doubling rule” when pricing a medical product to pet owners, if the veterinarians paid $150 per unit of Oxyglobin, they would then charge the pet owner $300. Although the veterinarians serve as gatekeepers to potential treatments for animals, 90 percent of pet owners reported that they wanted to be made fully aware of the alternatives to threat their pets. Therefore, Biopure should charge $150 per unit of Oxyglobin. The current supply of blood for canine blood transfusions comes mostly from donor animals, animals that the veterinary practices house and draw blood from when there is an animal in need of a transfusion. In 1995, the cost to veterinarians for this supply was $50 to $100 per unit of blood. Primary care practices, in turn, charged pet owners between $80 and $120 per unit, or more in emergency cases. A large majority of veterinarians, however, reported that they were dissatisfied with the current blood transfusion alternatives in the marketplace. The proposed price per unit of Oxyglobin is not......

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