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5 September 2013

Questions on Meaning
The purpose of this essay was to prove that black males, especially young male ones, are being discriminated against. Yes, because if black males start following Staples then everyone will begin to believe that not all black males are horrible. Yes, he decided to move more carefully.
No, because he is just comparing how his outer appearance is similar to the stereotypical horrible black males, which makes the women believe he is dangerous.
The usual connotations of the word survivor is somebody that survived a terrible tragedy. Timid, in a way can. In this world, the people who are not noticeable or not a main figure survives. Questions on Writing Strategy
Staples convinced that this phenomenon took place by writing about a few incidents that black males had been discriminated.
He avoids the piece sounding like a list by changing the scenario every time, and with different experiences. He also wrote the piece very detailed.
The phrase "My first victim was a woman" in the opening paragraph not only catches the reader's attention, but also makes the reader want to read more. Brief narratives are effective due to them being personal and is real.
Questions on Language
He catches the reader's attention and makes the reader wanting to read more. No, because he was not actually going to make her his victim, it was just mostly due to her thinking he a black male and thought he was going to hurt her. The tone of this essay is mostly ominous. affluent, uninflammatory, unwieldy, tyranny, pedestrians, intimidation, congenial, constitutionals affluent-having abundance of wealth uninflammatory-tending to crave for anger unwieldy-difucult to move tyranny-unrestraint exercise of power pedestrians-a standby, people who are walking intimidation-to make someone be timid

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