Unnecessary Deiveries

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Unnecessary Deliveries
As you a may have noticed, I have been spending some time asking questions about the problems and wastes here in the workplace. I have mentioned to a few of my co about the task assigned to in my project for my Lean Principles class. As a resu t of the throI process, I am aware now more than before that we are using a lot of the Lean Tools already in our day- to -day processes. However we are using them without the knowledge of what it is we are doing or why we are even doing it. After taking this ean Principes course at MATC, I am really more conscious about where we actuay have Lean Principes in place and how it serves as an essential mechanism in keeping our processes at the utmost efficiency. The company sends us emails all the time about “Simplification” all the time and little did any of us know it was all Lean Processes they were imposing on us. All of this being said it was kind of difficult for me to choose a process to apply Lean To because in most ways, our company is aready being as efficient as can be in amost every aspect. However, after consuting with a variety of individuas, I have encovered a business practice with one specific cient, Hospita A (privacy) that is not as productive as coud be and , as a resut, not as profitable. Therefore, I have chosen to work on changing the way we are servicing Hospital A (privacy) on weekends.

As I mentioned I would like to try to change the way we are handling service to Hospital A on the weekend. I spoke to some of the couriers and they too can see the need to change the process. In the data I have collected in the last 7 weeks Hospital A has had at least 1 call out each weekend day 100% of the time. Doing this requires the Hospital to pay pricey call out rates not to mention ASAP pricing. On our end we are paying for a call out to the Pharmacist and a call…...

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