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"The goal of Universal Design of Instruction (UDI) is to maximize the learning of students with a wide range of characteristics by applying UD principles to all aspects of instruction (e.g., delivery methods, physical spaces, information resources, technology, personal interactions, assessments). (Burgstahler, 2015).
One of the several approaches outlined by The Center for Universal Design in Education (CUDE) is interaction. Regular and effective interactions between students and the instructor makes all participants feel they are valued and have meaningful input to contribute. For example, group work allows learners to support each other and "places a high value on different skills and roles" (Burgstahler, 2015). This is especially beneficial to students with disabilities because it gives them a chance to be inclusive with regular education student.
CUDE also states that the classroom environment needs to be equipped and arranged in such a way that it is accessible and safe for all students. This includes the addition of assistive technology which can be a vital asset for students who are blind or deaf due to features that provide text to speech output and closed captioning. This same technology can provide invaluable assistance to the teacher because it "...can help the teacher do his or her job more effectively by extending his or her reach to more students more of the time." (Hall, Cohen, Vue & Ganley, 2015).
CUDE also suggests that feedback and assessment be provided on a regular basis to both students and parents. CUDE advises teachers to "allow students to turn in parts of large projects for feedback before the final project is due." (Burgstahler, 2015). This gives students the opportunity to reevaluate their work, correct errors and most likely gives them a better understanding of what the teacher expects. When assessing students teachers should…...

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