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M1 – How does Neiva uses promotion to achieve aims?
Aims and objectives
• Its aims are to understand its consumers in its many different markets and delight them with innovative products for their skin and beauty care needs.
• Aims to use as many distribution channels as possible
• Aims to make maximum profit
The first and most important aim for Neiva is to make sure they are making a profit and maximum revenue. This is the most important aim for any business because if a business isn’t making a profit there isn’t any point of the business existing as this is the main objective of most business excluding charities and so on. Neiva has used most of the elements of the marketing mix to achieve this aim, firstly products; without a product Neiva wouldn’t be making a profit because they need to offer consumers either a product or service that they can sell in return for a profit. Neiva used market research to identify where there was gap in the market to manufacture a product that will meet customer needs that belong in this gap. Once they found their gap they were able see what customer needs they had to comply with when making their product or service therefore they innovated their skin care brand for females aged 13-19 years old. They had to then use another element of the marketing mix which was packaging they had to design packaging that was suited to their product as well as target market they also used price alongside with packaging and product to find a suitable pricing strategy that would reflect on the product (value for money) as well as their target market. Neiva used promotion to meet this aim because they had to promote this product for consumers to be aware of its existence they used promotion methods such as TV adverts this allowed Neiva to tell potential customers about this new range of products they had just developed. Neiva used both…...

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