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Running Head: Managing Talent Case Study

MT203- 01
Unit 4 Assignment

Human Resource and Management
October 19, 2015
Professor Maria Minor

1. What conclusions can you draw about the supply of and demand for labor at Yahoo?
The conclusion about the supply would be for Yahoo to try to continue to do what they were doing when the old internet of Yahoo when business was booming but little twist to getting involved in the new internet. The twist of getting the new internet into their business would be the demand of their supply. Something that can attract the new generation especially since it’s all about the internet and the new technology. I also think that Yahoo should partner with other investors that will help advertise their business. Example would be like Samsung and Amazon Fire use google or have the google app already on their devices. So going into business with another company/investor can also help them as well. 2. What actions might Yahoo take to strengthen its internal recruiting? How might these efforts support Yahoo’s corporate strategy?
Some actions that yahoo can take to strengthen its internal recruiting would be to advance in careers and to have the employees share their ideas. It states that Yahoo is seeking pathways for growth so since the employees already have an idea of what the company is expecting or may need; maybe promoting someone into office and having them share their ideas on what the company needs can strengthen the company. Yahoo’s strategy is to bring something new to the company so that they can get more people involved with using their services. By yahoo giving people an opportunity to advance in their career and expressing and sharing their ideas can be what the company need. A persons ideas can be an updated and involved with what the new generation wants and what they are looking for and since the new…...

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