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England has been known for their rich history and enlightenment on the impact of our world. But recent research has found that the English children have an unhealthy diet, due to the amount of junk food, availability of junk food and the lack of exercise.

English children have high amounts of junk food in their diet. According to the newspaper; Guardian[1], 4/5 children, only take junk food to their lunchboxes, the rest of 1/5 of the children take the healthy recommended food, with the right nutritions and calories needed for a child. Researches have warned that with children that eat junk food three times a week have severe chance of worsening asthma and eczema[2]. Asthma rates in the England the past two decades. There has been a big decline in vitamins and minerals in their diet while the consumption of fat in oils found in junk food.

There is a high availability of junk food in England. According to the dailymail[3] more than half of all meals eaten out in England are from fast food restaurants. These could contain; burgers, fried chicken, pizza etc. The low prices of junk food, encourages people to buy it as it could be a cheap alternative to their consumption of food. The independent.co.uk proves that all the fast foods restaurants have arose at an average of 8% from 2012[4].

English children have a lack of exercise. Studies have shown that up to 50% of children fail to meet the daily amount of physical activity. Researches from the Medical Research Council have said that physical activity benefits children through weight loss, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and better and muscle health. When children eat fast food, all of those calories have no place to go at, and will be stored in the human body of the children. With some exercise children would be actually available to burn the calories they had consumed.

I believe that it is obvious…...

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