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Overcoming Absenteeism at Unique Schweppes Ltd
Unique Schweppes Ltd was multinational Public limited Company with its head office at London. The company’s 51 % shares were held by Unique and 49% by Government financial Institutions and individual shareholders. Unique owns three factories and three partly manufacturing units i.e. they had 6 primary manufacturing units located at Jammu, Nagpur, Agra, Pune, Gorakhapur and Hyderabad. The total manpower in these six units was 1900, and was held by Mathew Thomas as managing director. Five directors looking after various financial areas like technical, operations, commercial, HR and marketing, supported him.
Agra unit was situated near Mathura with a manpower capacity of 450 employees, including 41 executives, 12 managers and remaining operators. A representative union was also registered in the name of Association of Chemical Workers in the company. This unit was working in 3 shifts and for all the seven days. The average age of the employees was around 30 years. Agra unit was the only automated plant among the plants of Unique India. It had a unique feature of cross-functional activities at the managerial level with the result a strong networking was observed. Emphasis on financial relations among the employees was given to promote simplified working and better understanding among them. Unique was known for its welfare facilities like – free canteen, free transportation, free uniform, medical re-imbursement up to 5% of the gross salary and all other benefits according to the statutory norms. They also provide with housing loan facilities to employees through HDFC and State Bank of India. Unique re-imbrued the interest amount on house loan exceeding 4%. The loan entitlement is dependent upon the income of workers. Inspite of all the facilities provided to the workers absenteeism was very high thus creating problems in…...

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