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9 October 2015
Hazel Morse and Alcohol Alcohol is portrayed as a social lubricant in that it brings people together: it loosens people up and makes them more sociable. It can transform the quietest and reserved person into an open and outgoing one. Alcohol can also be used to escape life and all its problems for a little while. Although alcohol can enhance a person’s social performance and help escape reality, indulging too much in alcohol can have its negative effects. Too much alcohol can lead to dependence on the substance, which creates an addiction. An addiction is something, be it a substance or an activity, which gives a person pleasure and an escape from the world momentarily, but that something is used or done so often that it interrupts and interferes with a person’s life. Dorothy Parker’s “Big Blonde” reveals the life of Hazel Morse whose life filled with laughter and men turned into a life addicted to alcohol to cope with despair. From the beginning of the short story, Hazel Morse’s life was easy-going on the surface: “Her job [as a model] was not onerous, and she met numbers of men and spent numbers of evenings with them, laughing at their jokes and telling them she loved their neckties” (132). Unfortunately, Hazel Morse falls into a trap of trying to satisfy the desires of shallow men by being a good sport. She puts up a front to make men like her because “popularity seemed to her to be worth all the work that had to be put into its achievement” (132). However, she “realized how tired she was” (133) from being a good sport so she married Herbie, a man promptly drawn to her the moment they met. A marriage was everything she longed for because “it was a delight, a new game, a holiday, to give up being a good sport” (133). She was able to escape the struggles of putting on the façade of a good…...

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