Typography and Expression

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Typography and Expression

Expression starts from thoughts, which takes shape of words.

Spoken word is very different from written. Having said that, all of us would agree as to how the closest form of verbal expression is written. Does this arise from a mere lack of choices (our ancestors and their developments to the field of language), or is there really something that despite of all its negativities, is as effective a tool as Text?
Linguists and minions alike strive to revive the Art of Conversation, one where two or more people are in each others’ vicinity so as to not miss out on nuances of facial expression, that further reinforce what someone has to express; because that to them is expression in its purest sense. Though it is not always possible to face the person you are talking to, voice alone acts as expression; thus making it somewhat difficult to assume what someone is doing while a deep conversation is in progress over the phone.

Where a verbal conversation is not possible, people prefer to write what they want to say. (Chat, mail, the lot) Literature also acts as an effective carrier of culture in the form of language; whether it is as efficient as dialogue or not, is debatable.

Language : the ease with which a person expresses him/herself in a more tangible format than thoughts. Language as we now know, keeps us from being savages because of how effortlessly and naturally we use it, both in vocal and written form to emote. Language over the years has come to be a lynchpin in the machinery of communication altogether.

Verbal expression is suave; it is the ultimate mark of an educated and cultured human being.

All of us lead lives with emotions; and we very well express these emotions at our own convenience whether written, vocal or through art. We have almost no idea what a life without language or verbal expression is. What can…...

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