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Is TV Distancing People or Connecting People?
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Fred Allen, a comedian from the 30’s and 40’s, once said “Television is the triumph of machine over people.” In others words, Allen believes that television was made to control people; their decisions and to manipulate their opinions. Is television bad as they say? It has been a great debate trough the years. Dana Stevens; a movie critic and journalist for the “New York Times” suggests that watching TV only makes people want to watch more TV. She argues that commercials and programs on TV, including those focused on children, encourage people to watch more TV and to buy things. Thousands of programs being streamed every day in many countries are full of education and informative content. It demonstrates that TV is not bad; it has many advantages over other mass media. TV is a great tool of entertainment for people all around the world, it is a great tool of information that offers a great diversity of programs that help people to open their minds.
According to some people, TV encourages people to be lazy and less productive because it does not involve any activity; the only thing they do is just sitting down and enjoy what is on TV. Many programs on TV are based on the happy-ending, it may cause people to lose the sense of reality and think that everything is perfect. It is demonstrated that an excessive use of TV can cause isolation because it decreases social interaction with others. Danna Stevens clarify her position against TV in her article “Thinking Outside the Idiot Box”, she claims that people get dumper because TV controls the ideas and decisions of people by the characters of the highly demand programs and advertisings on TV. Despite these downsides of TV, It is a great source of information for people all around the world; it offers many different points of view from people from different…...

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