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Case 3: True Body Products

2. What steps should Shade take to increase the in-store shelf space of True Body’s products?

A few options for Shade to consider that will help increase in-store shelf space for her True Body’s product will involve marketing, contracting additional stores/chains to carry her products and involving the consumer through social media.

Marketing: This can involve developing a campaign with attractive displays strategically positioned in stores. Also, developing a series of different packaging to make brand stand out. Quarterly sales and coupons to increase brand awareness.

Expanding: Expanding to more locations and store chains would help build the brand presence in the market. Not limiting her brand to only “health cautious” stores but also make product available at convenience stores. Not everyone shops at Whole Foods, so make the product available beyond that limit of grocery store.

Internet/Social Media: Encourage the consumer to stay connect to the brand and products through social media – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Create an online campaign that provides giveaways by using the #truebodyproducts. Establish a transparency of company and product to inform the consumer that they are committed the brand and what is stands for.

4. Write a one page memo to Janice Shade outlining the key components of a marketing strategy that will increase her company’s in-store shelf space and its sales.

| BMarketing Consulting | Memo To: | Janise Shade, True Body Products | From: | Barbara Matuska | Date: | March 15, 2015 | Re: | Market Strategy Recommendations |
Below please find my professional marketing strategy recommendation to accomplish your initiative to increase True Body products in-store shelf space and product sales.
Market Position/ Core Competencies:…...

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