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Managing Mobility After a Total Knee Replacement
November 15, 2011

INTRODUCTION In Kindred Rehabilitation, the patient had a total knee replacement due to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis causes degenerative changes, within the joints causing bone stiffening and reactive inflammation. My patient was admitted on 10/21/11 with osteoarthritis and a left total knee replacement. Her PT and INR were a concern because she had developed mild thrombocytopenia which resulted in the elevation and potential bleeding. The physician had to take her off of Lovenox and switch her to an oral anti-coagulant Xarelto at 10mg once daily. During her care I was educated by the interdisciplinary teams managing mobility, safety, and the more modern approaches with a total knee replacement. The purpose of this clinical summary paper is to discuss managing mobility after a total knee replacement.

REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE In seeking out information on this topic, I used the Amarillo College Library Network and CINAHL database on campus and opened as many articles that I believed would aid in my research. The words I used for searching were: TKR, total knee care, and managing total knee replacement. The contributing factors gave me the articles that related to my patient that I had cared for in clinicals. These searches took me to the information that I was in need of for my paper. Turner’s (2011) primary focus was about care prior to surgery, during, post-operatively, and nursing care. Although this article is a basic overview from preoperative care to discharge, her agenda is clear that importance of risk factors, assessments and labs should be monitored. The main emphasis of this article is to follow assessments and interventions post operatively. Starting with vital signs and trending them as well as pain status and level of consciousness.…...

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