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Alyssa Pimentel
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October 20th 2013
Journal 2 – Tip Jar There are many dollars out there but none of them have the same serial number as me,
That is why I am unique. Luckily I am not very old, only a couple years old. I have had plenty of homes in my short lifetime. I have almost been caught in a fire, I almost even drowned once. But the day I was finally taken out of the tip jar was the greatest adventure I have ever had. December 30th 1999, I was taken out of an old rusty can tip jar. As I was being stuffed into an envelope I screamed in excitement! “I’ll never have to smell this old bar again.” After being stuffed into the envelope I was thrown into a box, which was eventually tossed into the back of a plane. I thought, “This is going to be a great journey!” The air was hot and musty in the cargo I was flying in. I wished there were other dollars like me to talk to, but all there was were old hundred dollars bills and a couple of checks. The old hundred dollar bill seemed way to high class, hence he didn’t speak to me once, and dollar bills never dare speak to checks. So there I was, all alone in long, hot, boring plan ride. The sun was blazing when a ten year old took me out of his envelope. I lasted about twenty minutes in the hands of this child before I got completely drenched in ice cream. I was handed to an old man immediately after suffocating in ice cream. I was placed into a very old register, it smelt quite bad from what I recall. The old man and I, along with a bunch of change and bigger bills, drove around with creepy “ice cream man” music blaring. I was immediately relieved when he took me out of the register, but began having an anxiety attack when I was placed into a snack machine. “Seriously, you traded me for some measly peanuts?” I was overwhelmed when I found out I was stuck…...

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