This Road We Call Life

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This Road We Call Life
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This Road We call Life
Boy Meets World had so many great things going for it. It taught children life lessons without them having to learn the hard way and there being a possibility of ruining their lives forever. The show talked about real issues going on in the world, unlike many other television shows geared toward the same audience. The show even became emotional at times. Some people in the show were better off than others, but that did not matter to the characters. They all treated each other the same. This is an idea that should be instilled in all children across America. At the same time, the show could be funny and exciting. The success of the show, however, depended on the audience. It resonated so deeply with the generation that grew up with it because the characters grew and changed along with the audience.

This Road We Call Life
Colcord (1997) wrote,
“When this Boy Meets World
Boy Meets World
Wandering down this road that we call life Is what we’re doin’
It’s good to know I have friends that will always
Stand by me
When this Boy Meets World” (ll. 1-7). This quote from the theme song of Boy Meets World demonstrates a good perspective to have on life. The themes of the show resonated with its audience because the characters face so many real-life situations and issues throughout the course of the show. Shawn, in particular, goes through many hard times and has to learn how to deal with these difficulties properly. The show’s success has depended on the growth of its characters in relation to the growth of its audience.
The show focuses on two young boys as they grow up and move on to bigger and better lives. The boys experience situations to which many people can relate. Some major character archetypes shown in Boy Meets World include the boy whose family is well off…...

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