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24, September 2015 Shining The Shining is a film that leaves many of it’s viewers confused and a little bit angry. There are so many hidden clues and symbolic pieces to this film that leaves most people question what’s going on in Kubricks head. The plot of the story is straight forward, it’s about a family that takes care of a gigantic hotel in Colorado that turns the father insane due to isolation and he eventually tries to kill his family. It sounds like a simple horror film that most people have seen but the meaning behind this film has made people think about what the true meaning of the horror film could be. Bill Blakemore, Juli Kearns, Geoffrey Cocks, Jay Weidner , and John Fell Ryan explain their different theories about what Kubrick really want to show his views. Some of them make sense, some of them make the reader skeptical, and some of them are totally off but they all bring together the fact that Kubrick’s film the Shining was one of the greatest films out there. One of the first theories brought up was about the American Indians and how Jack becoming insane and deciding to kill his whole family related to the Americans killing the Indians. The whole infrastructure of the hotel was brought up with many references to the indians from where the hotel was built on the burial grounds and the interior design of the hotel. I agree with Bill Balkemore’s theory about the Indians because it does show the progression of Jack getting pressured into killing his family as an analogy to the pressure the settlers had to exterminate the indians in order to make it in the new world. They came to this new world and were dying left and right due to disease, no resources, and weather. Coming into the land of the free meant invading the indians property without and remorse and that’s where i can see the relation to…...

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