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Unremarkable but adequate lighting, expressionless decor, cold, clinical atmosphere.
Smooth, innocuous classical background music at low volume to help concentration for the experimenters. When we step in the room, the typical malodorous, sulphuric smell, that can be found in science laboratories, swishes our nose. On the right, in the spacious lab, there is a small, wooden cabinet filled with chemical liquids. Sanguine, emerald, metallic grey, xanthous and yet the colours go on. As we take a detailed look at the liquids, we automatically lean closer to the cabinet, and its frowzy, stuffy smell hits our nose. In a hitech science laboratory, we would not have imagined such smell. In the entire room, there are only ten tables for the individual learning. A teacher is more useful, when they teach individually, especially when it comes to a scientific subject. Each table has an electronic balance, a huge, intact microscope and an aseptic lavatory.
After a quick survey of the interior, our eyes come to a woman, sitting near to the window.
Brown, short, straight hair, slender, attractive face with black, thick frame glasses. She reads with great concentration, her eyes rarely look up from the book. Every now and then she takes a long, deep breath and her shoulders slowly rise and fall. Her metal bracelet clings on the grey, hardware table with every move, when she turns a page.
Suddenly, an agonised, thin voice splits in the air. As we look at a young experimenter, who sits near to the reading woman, we see a beaker full to the brim with scarlet liquid in front of him. He quietly swears as he tries to undo his last, obviously failed step. The woman looks at him perplexedly. He seems younger, than anyone else in the laboratory, therefore he is the least experienced student. The woman straightens her off-white lab coat, sets her glasses back on her bridge…...

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