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Server Turn-Over
Johnny R. Bettim
May 29, 2013

Server Turn-Over

Working in the restaurant industry managers have to deal with high turn-over issues with employees (mainly servers). Cheddars causal café is not exempt from this trending problem. The dilemmas that the management team is facing are: improperly trained staff, not enough staff and lack of management to help train the staff. In order for management to take control of the problem they had to perform an internal business research and truly understand why the servers chose to leave Cheddars.
The Business Research Process

The first step in the process is figuring out the problem or clarifying the research question. In this case the question would be how to overcome the high turn-over rate on the server staff. Management needs to identify the problem and figure out means to correct it. The next step would be to propose a research or in this case the managers decide on a plan of action to the problem. Next step is to plan a way to get the information from the servers. The management chose to have a meeting before the shift for a week and ask the servers what management can do to change the work atmosphere. This is considered the research design or the blueprint of how the research is to be designed. The fourth step would be to gather the data and prepare it. The management planned a meeting the following week to discuss their findings from the pre-shift meetings. The fifth step would be to interpret the data that was collected. They can do this in the meeting that was planned the following week. After discussing their findings the management time found out that most of the servers complained about not being properly trained. The final step is report the results. By finding out the core problem from the servers the management team went into action and started to have weekly training classes…...

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