The Reality of Dreams

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1. Describe in detail the specific topic you wish to present. Will you be able to cover this topic adequately in 5-7 minutes?

I will give my informative presentation on the reality of dreams. I will talk about how the many interpretations of the reality of dreams can be categorized into two different categories which are materialistic and spiritual interpretations. I will also talk about how the human race has always had dreams even in ancient times and examples written in the Bible. I will also talk about how dreams become more vivid and are usually remembered during REM sleep. I will be able to cover this…...

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...Through doing the research about dreams I have learned a vast about of important information from how to write an annotated bibliography, how to use VCU’s library system online, how to critically dissect as well as review my paper and the most important what different people believe a dream means to them. Once again my knowledge of VCU’s online library research system came in handy. Because I knew the correct ways to search of information through this data base it helped eliminate unneeded information. The writing workshops gave me and in depth look and how to read a paper from the readers point of view versus just the writer’s voice. It also gave me a chance to see how other people would create such a paper and gave me tips on where I was lacking strength. Having someone else read and criticized your work humbles you as well as gives you room to grow as a writer. Along with the workshop having you look over my paper and giving me your feedback helped be discover ways I could elaborate and fix my claim. Since this is the second time I have written and read research on the topic of dreams I feel like I have a stronger understanding of how beneficial dreams are to your lives. If I have dream that frightens me I know have a idea of where it came from and how it relates to my day to day life because I have read so many different views and opinions on dream analysis. Learning about the different ways people view the ‘meaning’ of a dream really gives me a new......

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...heard me. I called out to her louder but still she didn’t respond. That’s when I noticed the faraway look on her face. Her eyes were glazed over and her face had a blank stare. She didn’t turn back; she just kept walking straight towards the door. It was a very eerie thing to watch. I remember not being able to do anything but stare at her. I kept wondering; where is she going? What is she doing? Ever since then, I had always wondered about what sleepwalking really is. Is it a dream? Or is it reality? Sleepwalking wasn’t seriously investigated and diagnosed until the last century. In the 19th-century, a German chemist and parapsychologist, Baron Karl Ludwig von Reichenbach made extensive studies of sleepwalkers. Sleepwalking was initially thought to be a dreamer acting out a dream. Later on, the Society for Science published a conclusion saying that sleepwalking really has very little to do with dreaming and that it in fact, occurs when the sleeper is in his deepest sleep—a stage in which dreams are not even had. Sleepwalking is also knows as Somnambulism, which means walking during sleep. Somnambulism is a disorder that occurs when people walk or do any other activity while they are still asleep. When does it occur? When you’re sleeping, your body goes through different stages; from light drowsiness to deep sleep. There is something called REM sleep. REM stands for rapid eye movement. During rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, your eyes move quickly and that’s......

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...Dreams Dreams have been objects of boundless fascination and mystery for humankind since the beginning of time. These nocturnal vivid images seem to arise from some source other than our ordinary conscious mind. They contain a mixture of elements from our own personal identity, which we recognize as familiar along with a quality of `others' in the dream images that carries a sense of the strange and eerie. The bizarre and nonsensical characters and plots in dreams point to deeper meanings and contain rational and insightful comments on our waking situations and emotional experiences. The ancients thought that dreams were messages from the gods. The cornerstone of Sigmund Freud's infamous psychoanalysis is the interpretation of dreams. Freud called dream-interpretation the via reggia, or the royal road to the unconscious, and it is his theory of dreams that has best stood the test of time over a period of more than seventy years (Many of Freud's other theories have been disputed in recent years). Freud reportedly admired Aristotle's assertion that dreaming is the activity of the mind during sleep (Fine, 1973). It was perhaps the use of the term activity that Freud most appreciated in this brief definition for, as his understanding of the dynamics of dreaming increased, so did the impression of ceaseless mental activity differing in quality from that of ordinary waking life (Fine, 1973). In fact, the quality of mental activity during sleep differed so radically from what we......

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Dreams calmer but still has problems with her parent thanks to the car accident her brother was in. Kathy, she has short black hair with a belly button ring, which surprises her, but not in a good way. The only thing that every time set has in common is this guy named Luke, who’s following her during this realities, that feel like dreams to both of them. Her movement within dimensions started with a tragic event of her brother’s death during a car crash. She kept shifting through every set, she was confused because every time she woke up, Kathleen wasn’t sure who she was, or which version of herself she woke up into. Dreams are real,we have times of deja vu’s when we walk or talk to someone during our daily life, we know that we have seen certain things somewhere but we don’t recall where, maybe we saw that in another dimension but don’t fully understand because we believe it’s all a dream. In a personal experience, there was this time in which i was walking in the beach, i picked up a shell but it seemed so familiar as if i had previously picked it up. It’s weird having those kinds of experiences because it confused our brain and deceives us to believe it was a dream. Dreams can be real experiences, let’s use the space vs earth analogy. On earth we can all agree that if you try to jump from a bridge or a mountain, with the intentions of flying like a bird with no flying apparatus, you wouldn't really like to know what’s waiting for you at the bottom. We can also agree......

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