The Need for Veterans Specialty Courts

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The need for Veterans Specialty Courts
Natasha N. LaFon
Columbia Southern University

The need for Veterans Specialty Courts When an individual returns home from a war zone, there are many things that can happen, they can deal and seek help with the things they have been through or they can bottle it up and refuse to look “weak”. Either way, things will never be the same as when they left and that reason alone can change their lives. Significance of Veterans Courts The need for a specialty court in support of our Veterans is not just something that would be nice; it is something that would be unconstitutional if denied. This year, 2013 marks 12 straight years of sustained combat operations for the United States. I have personally been sent into combat operations five times in the last 12 years and have seen first hand how easy it is for someone to spiral out of control and lose everything. With that being said, I would like to discuss the significance that a specialty court in support of our veterans would have not only on the veterans life, but on society as well. 1.64 million soldiers have served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom since 2001, some have come home and some have not. Of those 1.64 million soldiers, nearly half have come home to nothing, their significant other left them while they were gone, so not only does the psychological wounds inflicted on them by the trauma of war, but couple that with being alone and not seeking help for the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that nearly 50 percent of our military is diagnosed with, can be devastating and disastrous. A soldier with PTSD and TBI can have every aspect of their life affected including their behavior, which is a result of the symptoms of these psychological wounds and involves most veterans within the…...

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