The High Tea Party

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TThe High Tea Party

The High Tea Party is an event that gives you the opportunity to have “a gorgeous excuse to catch up with the girls!” Upon arrival at the luxury location you are greeted with a glass of sparkling wine. There are many shopping stalls to enjoy. There are also great workshops like, makeup, massages and hair styling. There is also a high tea that is served in the ballroom served twice a day (10: 30am-12: 30 pm, 2: 30pm-4: 30 pm).

Event Management Duties

Each member of the event management team was assigned to a different duty. Some where greeting guest, a few were serving a glass of sparking wine, and there were also team members working at each stalls and serving in the ballroom.

How well tasks were carried out

The tasks carried out by the event management team were very successful. Guests were welcomed in a very professional and respectful manner. Service was quick and neat and the members working at the stalls were helpful.

Difficulties faced and how those difficulties were dealt with

At the High Tea Party, the difficulty this event faced was with the amount of members serving the alcohol. On late notice the member who was assigned to this job notified the event manager that they are unable to attend. The manager dealt with this effectively by asking if any of the event management team members held a RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol). Adjustments were then made in order to ensure guests didn’t have a long wait to enjoy a glass of sparkling…...

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