The Gentlemen of the Jungle

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The Gentlemen of the Jungle is a fable written by Jomo Kenyatta. Kenyatta is famous due to the work he has done with the rights and for the independence of Kenya. He was arrested because he was a member of a radical anti-colonial movement. The British used to call him the African leader to darkness and death. The story is about a man living and speaking with animals, but the animals trick him, even though they pretend that they are his friends. In the end the man kills the animals.
In my analysis and interpretation I’ll be focussing on the use of genre and style of writing and at last I’ll talk about the message of the story.
The genre is, as said before, a fable. It is a fable because Kenyatta uses animals to represent what he means. The animals are given human feelings and actions and on top of that they are able to speak and think as humans. He also uses sentences as “once upon a time” and “lived happily ever after”, which are typical fable sentences.
It is an omniscient narrator seen from another point of view, which is already seen in the first line, where it says “Once upon a time an elephant made a friendship with a man.” In which none of the characters are described as I or we but described from another point of view. This is also a typical thing from a fable, because it often has a deeper meaning, and therefore everyone should be able to relate to it, which can be difficult when using personal characters.
The animals are talking to each other with titles before their names, like; “No sooner had Mr Rhinoceros seen it than he came rushing in, only to find that Mr Elephant was already inside.. “ [7th paragraph line three]. This is a reference to the human world, where we use titles when speaking formally. Another reference to the world as we know is that the animals are ranked, where the lion is the king, then the elephants and so forth, which we know…...

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