The Evolution of Hr: Developing Hr as an Internal Consulting Organization

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The Evolution of HR: Developing HR as an Internal Consulting Organization
Richard M. Vosburgh, Mirage Resorts, MGM MIRAGE


s the role and impact of the HR profession continue to evolve, we have reached a critical crossroad. Together and now, business leaders and HR professionals have the opportunity to understand the history that brings us to our current situation, to be informed by predictable trends, and to make the transformation necessary to result in organizational competitive advantage and HR functional viability. Over the last hundred years, the HR profession evolved dramatically, usually in response to external conditions. Unquestionably we are changing—the issue in front of us is whether we will define that future or simply react to the changes that continue to occur in the economy and in our business models.

Human ResouRce Planning 30.3


If we do not step forward with compelling HR leadership, the future will be determined for us. When the June 2005 Business Week reports “Why HR Gets No Respect,” the August 2005 Fast Company proclaims “Why We Hate HR,” and the “evil personnel director” in Dilbert continues to get knowing laughs, something is going on that the HR profession needs to address. This set of issues goes beyond the never-ending lamentations about lacking a seat at the table for the top HR person—this is about the future of HR in total. We present a historical review and conclude that HR’s greatest opportunity is to develop the organizational capability to be a relevant and respected internal consulting organization focused on talent. The good news is that the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to do this exist now and are teachable. A virtual army of HR professionals “get this” and are ready, willing, and able to develop in this way.

not delivering “the beef.” Over 10 years ago, an article in Fortune magazine (Stewart,…...

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