The End Times

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Prophecy in the Last Days
Study by: Elder Abraham Juma

True Prophet vs. False Prophet

A prophet is anyone who bears the message of God and conveys it to others.

The messages of God can never contradict one another. The Spirit that inspired the writers of the Bible inspires every true prophet, and brings to clear view the thoughts of God revealed in the Bible instead of contradicting it. Those who contradict the Bible are under the inspiration of another spirit. We call them false prophets.

God’s thoughts in the Bible are complete and clear, without any contradictions. Though the thoughts of God were written in human language by human beings, they show a clear purpose of God’s love. Sometimes they appear to contradict, but if read ‘precept upon precept’ and ‘line upon line’, ‘hare a little and there a little’ all apparent contradiction is dissolved, and a perfect harmony seen.

God’s word is perfect. Those who teach principles contradicting the Bible are not better than the Bible; they are actually being inspired by Satan. God cannot contradict His word; see the story of the prophet in 1Kings 13:1-28.

God communicates through the Bible. If He must send a prophet, the prophet cannot contradict the Bible. Again I say, if he contradicts the Bible, he is a false prophet. God has not sent Him.

Christ has a message to the world, and He puts His Spirit in a person who communicates that message to the world. That is how it works. God communicates to the prophet in dreams and visions.
That is the Spirit of Prophecy.

In the last days, in connection with signs in the moon, sun and stars, the Spirit of Prophecy is to be seen (see Joel 2:28-32). It was fulfilled after the great Advent disappointment through Ellen Gould White. She ever exalted the Bible instead of…...

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