The Dangers of Abortion:

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The Dangers of Abortion:
When you have an abortion, you putting your own health at risk. Even though the abortion clinics have to meet Life Safety Code standards for the protection of their patients like they would be in a normal hospital, many complications arise after the women leave. Immediate complications can range from painful cramping or nausea, to infertility from infection, or even death caused by excessive bleeding.

One of the most prominent complications is the increased risk of having cancer. Studies have shown that the risk of cervical cancer is 2.3% higher for women who have had an abortion than those who have not. Women who have had more than one abortion have a nearly 5% higher chance of getting ovarian and liver cancer as well, due to the disruption of the change in hormones that comes with pregnancy, and cervical damage that went untreated. Another risk is damage to the uterus, such as uterine perforations and cervical lacerations. Should a woman want to have children later on, they would encounter many issues such as miscarriages, premature deliveries, and abnormal development of the placenta causing the baby to be born with various handicaps. Around 5% of patients who have had an abortion in their first trimester end up having Pelvic Inflammatory Disease within four weeks. This disease, while not always life threatening, can lead to ectopic pregnancies or infertility. Endometriosis is a risk for all women who have had an abortion, but teenage girls are twice as likely to have it in comparison to a woman in her twenties.

There are also emotional and mental health risks that come with having abortions. A few of them being insomnia, severe anxiety, PTSD, and abuse of alcohol and drugs. In one particular study, it said that 14% of women have developed symptoms of PTSD such as intense fear, feeling helpless, and loss of control after having an…...

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