The Contrast of Diet Pills and Exercise

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The contrast of diet pills and exercise

Stephanie Szlatenyi

Would it be a surprise to people if diet pills can cause more harm than good? Diet pills have

rapidly become a popular alternative to exercising as the future progresses forwards because

they offer quick results that are almost ideal to what exercising would offer. Some people are

very self-conscious about how they look, so they want to lose excess fat. While others because

they want to impress someone. There are so many reasons. Though at times, people are too

fixated on the reasons they so desire that they don't take notice of the effects that each take on

the body both physically and mentally. It is easy to be biased about this situation by neglecting

the many components that differentiate one from another. It is important to understand

though, what these components are in order to see why diet pill consumption has grown in

such staggering numbers. While exercise and diet pills contribute to losing weight, the different

effects such as nutrition intake, time consumption, and mental effects must be factored in.

One of the strongest yet neglected key components that serve to distinguish diet pills from

exercise is nutrition intake. Understandably, our body requires nutrition to function

appropriately. Nutrition is also used by the body to repair organs, skin, and muscles. Not only

do diet pills not provide the nutrition essential daily, but it also suppresses the feeling of hunger

as well. This suppression slowly deteriorates the body internally because it will then not have

the necessities it requires to function properly. Your body will progressively become weaker the

more diet pills are consumed and your physical appearance will take some noticeable negative

changes as well. For…...

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