The Business Ethic of Kfc and Mcdonald

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The Business ethic of KFC and McDonald


The Business ethic of KFC and McDonald 1 Executive Summary 3 1 Introduction 3 2 Comparation of KFC and McDonald’s practices 4 3 Application of 4 relevant ethical theories 6 3.1 The utilitarian approach 6 3.2 The rights ethical approach 7 3.3 The Justice ethical approach 7 3.4 The virtue approach 8 Conclusion 8 References 9

Executive Summary

A company has its responsibilities to its consumers, its suppliers, its employees , its shareholders as well as the local community and society in general .This article I choose KFC and McDonald’s which both are Food and Beverage industry to analyse the business ethics base on ethical theories . Business ethics means the application of ethical standards to the business behaviors . Business ethics has become an increasingly important part of this global conscience .(Freyne, 2009 ;Gilmartin, 2008)

1 Introduction

Kentucky Fried Chicken ,as know as KFC, is the famous American chain fast food restaurant which was founded in 1952 by Colonel Harland Sanders .And He is also the logo of KFC . KFC is affiliated with Yum brands now and formed a strategic alliance with Pepsi , (some exceptions, such as South Korea, Japan sales Coca-Cola.) There were about 17000 stores by the end of 2012 . Like KFC ,McDonald’s Plaza is also the world famous chain fast food Corporation which founded in Oakbrook,Illinois 1954.It has thirty thousand stores approximately around the world .Its main products are humburgs, fried chicken, aerated water, salad and so on. It stand for a kind of American life…...

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McDonalds is the no: 1 fast food chain stores with a 40 million customers visiting it per day. It has over 30,000 branches in 120 countries. It derives 80% of its revenues from eight countries like Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, Japan, UK, Australia and US. The greatest strength was creating an image in the minds of the people and introducing them to the fast food culture. Delivery speed, customer care and cleanliness are the core strengths on which these stores expanded. They created a corporate symbol and their advertisement campaigns were highly successful in......

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