Thailand - the Land of Smiles

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The Land Of Smiles
The mere thought of a tropical vacation in paradise brings peace, calm and relaxation to mind where you will experience warm sandy beaches, the breeze filled with the fragrance of exotic flowers, as well as pampering fit for a king. I think you should take a trip to Thailand with the whole family because of the priceless experience that would far exceed that of a more expensive Caribbean or European vacation. You will enjoy exotic food that will satisfy your taste buds. The beaches are second to none where you will experience vibrant and brilliant colors that fill the sea as well as the sky. You will be surrounded by beautiful contagious smiles that seem to adorn everyone you meet.
In my opinion, the first reason you should consider a vacation in Thailand, known as the “Land of Smiles”, is for the wonderful people where you can experience a culture much different than what we are used to. The people are so friendly that you can hold an entire conversation with someone while neither of you speak each other’s language. Using gestures or impromptu sign language, like a game of charades, seems to get each other’s points across. Yet not a single spoken word is understood by the other person. You can get a sense of culture in the big cities where accommodations can be expensive, but the level of service, luxurious and gorgeous hotels are something you would never imagine in a near-third world country and worth every penny, but to really experience the culture, you will want to venture well outside the city. There are remote areas in the north where the children in a village have never laid eyes on a foreigner. They look at you like you are an alien, yet the captivating smile on their face tells you that they are not afraid of you. In fact they will flock to you like moths to a flame just to see the new visitor. The great thing about these remote…...

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