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Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims there are people out there who terrorize based on one’s religion or beliefs. Terrorism is happening all around the world most of the time it is reported on television and everyone is affected by it. There has always been war on terrorism which has been happening for a while and it seems that terrorist only get more radical with their leaders being brought down. It feels as if there will never be peace and that there will always be terrorist stack on innocent people. There are parts of the world who have heavier terrorist activity than others and the reason for these heavy activities vary in what part of the world it is happening. An example of heavy terrorism would be in the Middle East there are many different groups that terrorize for people not having the same views as them. There is a group called Hamas “their goal is the destruction of the state of Israel. In the 1990s, they bombarded Israel with suicide bombings.”( Sven Pöhle / nm) One of the longest lasting feuds has been between the Palestinians and the Israelis they have been fighting for a piece of land that the Palestinians believe belongs to them. They have been fighting for years now and the Palestinians keep attacking the Israelis in order to get them to leave. Every site of a terrorist act leaves the same mark no matter where it happens in the world which is sadness, anger, and death nothing good comes out of terrorist acts yet there are people who believe if they keep doing them something else will happen. The thing with terrorist act is that they are unexpected no one sees them coming and that is because they do them in such a small scale that they basically fly under the radar and go undetected which is why a lot of the terrorist attack actually succeed. Then come…...

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